30 Days of Night: Vampires the Horrifying Way They’re Supposed to Be

Remember back when vampires were awesome and terrifying? They’d do things like burn in the sun and feast upon humans, leaving a trail of exsanguinated bodies behind; those were the days. Now it seems like vampires just want to be in boring, monogamous relationships with humans who are going to age while they stay hot. It also seems like vampires can get out of any weakness, if it’s convenient for the storyline. Step away from the loopholes and the love stories with 30 Days of Night.

If there’s one thing more terrifying than vampires, it’s vampires in Alaska!

30 Days of Night is a mini-series comic book by Steve Niles. The series has three issues, all illustrated by Ben Templesmith, and it tells the tale of bloodthirsty vampires feeding at will in Barrow, where the sun does not rise for a month. Vampires seize this opportunity to attack the locals; it’s a vamp Thanksgiving on The Last Frontier.

In 2007, this series was adapted into an equally terrifying film. Don’t believe us? Check out the trailer and a few gifs from the film!

TL;DR –  We challenge all the “vampire lovers” of today to experience one of the most chilling stories about the undead. Leave the world where vamps eat bunnies and glitter in the sun, and submerge yourself in a terrifying tale of vampirism. Most stories have a battle that lasts a few hours or a day, this one lasts for a month; and now you may cringe.

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