The Holiday’s Are Here at Blast From the Past

Heya Blastoids, here’s a quick update of what’s coming up!

It’s been a heckuva year and we’re not done yet! The annual Holiday In the Park is upon us and Blast from the Past will be joining up with other retailers here in beautiful Burbank to make sure it’s a memorable one.  Mark your Calendars for November 22nd (that’s next Friday from the time of this posting)! Stores all over the Magnolia Park area will be decorating their store fronts and doing their part to bring food and toys to the needy during the Holiday season.  We’ll also be holding a raffle for your chance to win T-Shirts, Comics, Action figures, Posters and more!

We will also, of course, be having Black Friday Specials as well as Small Business Saturday Sales events! Check back with us in the next week to keep up to date about pricing and promotions.

See below for a list of items we’ll be accepting as donations during out Holiday in the park event! We’ll be collecting canned foods as well as new toys for ages 4-14. Donations will be going to the Burbank Temporary Aid Center.

Lastly, if you haven’t “Liked” us yet on Facebook, you will be hunted down, bound and cast into the pit of the almighty Sarlacc, where you will be slowly digested over a thousand years. It’s not worth it. LIKE US! It’s another great way to keep up to date on new product coming into the store as well as heads up on unique collectables we’ll be making available via Ebay.

Stay tuned for more info about upcoming sales! See you tomorrow (Nov 22nd)!

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