Avengers, Dissemble!

If you haven’t seen Captain America 3: Civil War yet, cancel your dinner plans.

When the Russo brothers took up the reins for the latest Marvel masterpiece, they had some big shoes to fill. Age of Ultron was the Avengers 2 we got, but Civil War was the Avengers 2 we deserved. The ensemble cast eclipsed the good Captain and really showed off how a superhero movie can be more than the sum of its parts.

Black Panther was woven seamlessly into the movie’s subplots; the new Peter Parker was practically perfect; Ant Man’s cameo was larger than life.  There’s something for everyone to be excited about.  (And it’s not all doom and gloom and emotional scarring!  It’s got comedy!  Just ask Spidey.)

One cannot be objective about this movie.  It’s amazing.  Go see it.  See it a second time.  Come back.  Discuss it with us.  Please.  We can’t keep our excitement in any longer.


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