Comic Book Movies Are Getting Pretty Strange…

The coming of Doctor Strange is Marvel Studios’ latest movie to change the definition of the super hero genre and set new precedent for everything that will come after it. It also is a triumphant in the way it uses IMAX 3D to change the audience’s perception of space and time. It’s as close to an acid trip as you can get without actually breaking any laws. The visuals propel the concept so well that even some of the short comings of character and story melt away, literally, as the mix of special effects and performance and classic Doctor Strange mythology blend together to form a crowd pleasing spectacle on an epic scale. As always, we are excited for newbies to discover the character for the first time and be intrigued enough to delve into the books and see for themselves where the character has been and where the charater can go. It’s a pretty textbook success for Marvel and fans themselves.

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