The Force Awakens vs. Rogue One

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY was released this past month, one of the first in many now annual Star Wars film releases. Are Star Wars fans ready to handle the excitement of a Star Wars movie being released every single year? We are now feeling the effects of it by having a new movie, unrelated to the last, arrive. The overall reaction was very positive but it seems to have created yet another subdivision of nerd culture. Most like both, but take a hard loyalty for one over the other. Some even are dead set against it, which the last movie didn’t seem to have. In fact it seems that the last movie received universal praise with little backlash while fans became very critical of this one. Perhaps it’s the lack of prestige that comes from the “official” saga releases. ROGUE ONE actually feels very ancillary and supplemental. Like a well done comic book or novel. But we’ve found that a mainstream audiences rarely looks to the deep dives of a franchise to satiate their desires for storytelling. So maybe it was a little too inside baseball for some? We think that it had savvy for hardcore fans of the series that didn’t alienate new comers. A perfect blend of it that allows you to enjoy it at your own pace. What do you think?

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