101 Dalmatians or 1 big lie?

Disney has sold us for years on animated and live action entertainment featuring 101 firehouse canines but has anyone ever actually counted them? Are we getting the full 101? How much back payment would we be entitled to if we all walked into a courtroom and asked for some sort of monetary compensation after being lied to on just how many dogs we were actually getting for our buck. In the 90’s, there was a 101 DALMATIANS animated tv show that only really featured like 3 on a regular basis and even then I knew I should probably be investigated what is really going on. The direct to video sequel, 101 DALMATIANS 2: PATCH’S LONDON ADVENTURE also didn’t really feature all of them instead focusing on just a few. Wake up, everyone. We aren’t getting as many Dalmatians as we are supposed to and we should probably devote more time in our lives to this cause.

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