The Passing of a Legend

This past week has been one of great morning as we are experiencing the loss of a great and iconic actor: Leonard Nemoy. Although everyone is talking about (for obvious and understandable reasons) his role as Spock, I would also like to point out some other roles that I enjoyed of his outside of the Star Trek universe. I personally was very impressed with his voice work of the King in Disney’s Atlantis, as well as his role of Sentinel Prime in the third Transformers film, Dark of the Moon. He was an iconic man with an iconic voice. However, ever since his death, I have read far more inspirational and insightful quotes from that man than I could have ever imagined. I spent February 27th feeling that Hollywood and the world, lost a great actor, but in the following days, I’ve recognized that mankind as a whole has lost an incredible human being!

With all of this said, we, here at Blast From The Past would invite any and all of you, our readers, to share and discuss your favorite roles of Leonard Nemoy. If your favorite role of his is Spock (not surprising at all), go ahead and share a favorite episode of his.

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