Deadpool, Hold The Avocado

Is there any hero — I’m sorry, guy in a funny suit — making more waves now than Deadpool?  With the power to smash the fourth wall, his movie held us tight and whispered sweet nothings in our ears during Valentine’s weekend and shows no sign of stopping.  It’s even been called the highest-grossing X-Men film yet, though Mr. Wilson has declined to comment on any underlying implications.
All of this post-movie excitement, of course, had us all looking for ways to possess the merc for our very own long before its release date. Soon, soon, soon… soon… we’ll be seeing the fruits of our preorders. Wrinkled avocados are fruit, right? (Technically, they’re also large berries. Thanks, Wikipedia.  All puns and innuendo fully intended.)


Hot Toys Sixth Scale Deadpool

Ooh, Mr. Deadpool, your blank eyes are so dreamy.


Replicating everything down to the very texture of the super-suit, Sideshow’s Hot Toys Sixth Scale variant of Wade Wilson is one hundred percent excelente.  Think he looks so lonely, standing there all alone?  Luckily, he comes with five sets of eyes to change his expression.  Five.  That’s actually twice the emotional range of this humble blogger.
So let’s run this down again real quick: nice swords, sweet guns, great variety in the hands, and enough eyes that he’s 500% happier to see you, my dear.  You thinking about picking him up yet?


Or are you holding out for a variant that includes an extra avocado head?



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