September 2018

Hello from our side of the Cosmos!

Summer is ending, but there’s no need to wall in those post ComiCon blues. We’ve got plenty of new additions for your personal collections. Not to mention, con season isn’t over yet!

And of course, with September comes back to school festivities. Along with our last month’s presentation of brand spankin’ new lunchboxes, we also have new nerdy backpacks for your future super hero’s journey back to school


And if you need something to cuddle with while you cry over those 3 papers and 2 formal exams you need to study for…

Not in school? Happy to have a free and open September? Treat yourself to a little extra horror in prep for Halloween month (yes. month.) We have new Necca Pennywise and Predator figures ready for the taking!









Not to mention the brand spankin’ new Star Wars figure set we have celebrating the three generations of trilogies.

Now remember when I mentioned that Con season wasn’t over yet? That’s because, right here in Burbank, we here at Blast have tables for this year’s Son of Monsterpalooza. Tables #39, 40, 41.

Even though we’ll be working the event, the store will be open our regular hours.

Hope to see you there!

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