The Red Power Ranger, Steve Cardenas, At Blast from the Past!

We’re excited to announce that Steve Cardenas, who played Rocky in  The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, will be signing autographs and giving a Brazilian Martial Arts Demonstration at Blast from the Past on SATURDAY, JUNE 7th from 12pm – 2pm!

Grab up your Mighty Morphin collectables! Or snatch a few up at the store for the signing! Steve will be giving a Demonstration for his martial arts school,  FORCE BALANCE BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU .



Captain America: Winter Soldier Pre-Orders!

Alright Blasters,

Captain America: Winter Soldier has arrived and minds have been blown. Now it’s time to check out what Sideshow Hot Toys has to offer!

First up is the Captain America & Steve Rogers, expected to ship in January 2015, making this a Holidays PreOrder! Two awesome Hot Toys for $339.99.

Also slated for January release is the Captain America: Winter Soldier Stealth S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit! Retailing at $219.99, check this guy out!

Contact us right away for Pre-Orders on these items! Both Captain America figures are expected to do very well in the Collectors market so don’t miss your chance to grab them up!


Events and Items! It’s March at Blast!

Well it’s been a long time coming!

Blast from the Past will now start carrying some Doctor Who items! We have a few to start with, most notably Rose Tyler and K-9!

Also! We know you’ve been waiting for them and they arrive this week! Series 3 Jaeger’s from Pacific Rim. Oh yeah. Coyote Tango & Cherno Alpha are here to stomp face. 

Lastly, we have a signing event on March 15th from 5pm – 7pm!

Writer Dave Parkin will be on hand to sign copies of his graphic novel, The Devil is Due in Dreary! “Classic Cars, pompadours and rock-n-roll meet the folklore of the American Southwest in this rockabilly take on the classic western.” We’re also very fortunate to have artist Jeff Victor in attendance as well! Jeff Victor will be signing copies of his new artbook, Wicked Crispy, a collection of movie and pop culture cartoons and caricatures. Jeff’s work is both loving and perceptive in its ability to distill the essence of various popular directors, actors and characters.

Come out and see us, grab the goods and meet some great talent, all at Blast from the Past this March!

Also, STAY TUNED for Monsterpalooza Details!

Have a safe St. Patricks Day!



It’s the news you’ve been waiting for!

Yes indeed, we here at Blast will be joining the MADNESS and will be offering Holiday Deals during this, the most wonderful and financially lethal time of the year! We promise our deals will not contribute to the damage to your wallet.

What ARE our deals?

BUY ONE, GET THE SECOND AT HALF OFF on ALL T-Shirts, Theatrical Posters and Comics! This is the time to snatch up that 8.0 graded issue of The Amazing Spider Man #300 or any of the other items you’ve had your eye on for awhile now! Definitely check out our original one sheet movie posters too! We’ve gotten some highly sought after originals in (Original Ghostbusters 1-sheet in great shape, as well as an original REVENGE OF THE JEDI in GREAT shape)!


Stop on in and see us and grab up that truly unique gift item available only from Blast from the Past! Oh and maybe this is a good time to mention that we will be closed tomorrow (Thursday, November 25th) thanks to that lovely Caloric Gratitude ritual, Thanksgiving.

Have a happy (and sane) holidays!


– Blast

The Holiday’s Are Here at Blast From the Past

Heya Blastoids, here’s a quick update of what’s coming up!

It’s been a heckuva year and we’re not done yet! The annual Holiday In the Park is upon us and Blast from the Past will be joining up with other retailers here in beautiful Burbank to make sure it’s a memorable one.  Mark your Calendars for November 22nd (that’s next Friday from the time of this posting)! Stores all over the Magnolia Park area will be decorating their store fronts and doing their part to bring food and toys to the needy during the Holiday season.  We’ll also be holding a raffle for your chance to win T-Shirts, Comics, Action figures, Posters and more!

We will also, of course, be having Black Friday Specials as well as Small Business Saturday Sales events! Check back with us in the next week to keep up to date about pricing and promotions.

See below for a list of items we’ll be accepting as donations during out Holiday in the park event! We’ll be collecting canned foods as well as new toys for ages 4-14. Donations will be going to the Burbank Temporary Aid Center.

Lastly, if you haven’t “Liked” us yet on Facebook, you will be hunted down, bound and cast into the pit of the almighty Sarlacc, where you will be slowly digested over a thousand years. It’s not worth it. LIKE US! It’s another great way to keep up to date on new product coming into the store as well as heads up on unique collectables we’ll be making available via Ebay.

Stay tuned for more info about upcoming sales! See you tomorrow (Nov 22nd)!

30 Days of Night: Vampires the Horrifying Way They’re Supposed to Be

Remember back when vampires were awesome and terrifying? They’d do things like burn in the sun and feast upon humans, leaving a trail of exsanguinated bodies behind; those were the days. Now it seems like vampires just want to be in boring, monogamous relationships with humans who are going to age while they stay hot. It also seems like vampires can get out of any weakness, if it’s convenient for the storyline. Step away from the loopholes and the love stories with 30 Days of Night.

If there’s one thing more terrifying than vampires, it’s vampires in Alaska!

30 Days of Night is a mini-series comic book by Steve Niles. The series has three issues, all illustrated by Ben Templesmith, and it tells the tale of bloodthirsty vampires feeding at will in Barrow, where the sun does not rise for a month. Vampires seize this opportunity to attack the locals; it’s a vamp Thanksgiving on The Last Frontier.

In 2007, this series was adapted into an equally terrifying film. Don’t believe us? Check out the trailer and a few gifs from the film!

TL;DR –  We challenge all the “vampire lovers” of today to experience one of the most chilling stories about the undead. Leave the world where vamps eat bunnies and glitter in the sun, and submerge yourself in a terrifying tale of vampirism. Most stories have a battle that lasts a few hours or a day, this one lasts for a month; and now you may cringe.

Gifs courtesy of

Five ways to celebrate and end geek week!

What a fun summer to help you celebrate your inner-nerd! This great geeky summer is filled with events like Comic Con 2013, Geek Week, and even Shark Week (it doesn’t matter if it’s the same every year)!
How would you celebrate your own “geek week”? You’ll find our five ideas below, but we’d love to hear yours too – announce your geek week plans in the comments section or contact us with your ideas!

1- Discover your geek IQ – Just how nerdy ARE you?

2- Relive the magic of Harry Potter. It’s timeless, and think about it….when was the last time you read the series from start-to-finish? Do it; it will be just as magical as the first time, if not more because it will fill you with nostalgia.

3- Hunt for vintage items, particularly comic books and figures. Aside from our store, you can also check local yard sales, flea markets, and estate sales; sometimes people never know what treasures they consider clutter.

4- Never underestimate the power of a good Star Wars marathon week. Go ahead, treat yourself, everyone deserves the escape.

5- Play an MMORPG like World of Warcraft; try to play with friends if you can. (Already play?) Take advantage of the new in-game vanity items from Blizzard. Aesthetically captivating hoods are available for purchase on the World of Warcraft store. They look pretty awesome, and they’re just one of many reasons to enjoy the MMORPG!

Comic-Con: It’s Cool to be a Geek

We all remember high school. There was a definitive separation between the “geeks” and the “cool kids.” A lunchtime nightmare that turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to many of us. Being declared a geek in high school may have made our noses cringe then, but to many today, it’s a badge of honor. And rightfully so, as the definition of a geek has acquired new, flattering connotations in more recent years. Moreover, those who still fall under the classic representation of the term are often the happiest and most successful people around. (Yes, Bill Gates, we’re talking to you.)

As with everything else, as soon as the geeky stuff gets explicit media attention, and ultimately becomes “cool,” the “cool kids” want in. Comic-Con is no exception here.

In 1970, one of Comic-Con’s pioneering gatherings, the then “Golden State Comic-Con,” was but a simple 300-person gathering of comic-reading enthusiasts.  This number has grown exponentially with almost 130,000 attendees at the convention in 2011. In addition, according to the San Diego Metropolitan Magazine, the convention now poses as the largest annual event to the San Diego Convention Center in terms of economic impact, hotel usage by those attending, and attendance in general.

With the expansion of the event in general has come the expansion of what to expect featured at the event. No longer is Comic-Con simply about prevalent comic books and their contained villains and superheroes. As Comic-Con continues to expand its horizons to include popular television shows, sitcoms and movies, a debate continues to rise: is Comic-Con too mainstream?

The rising inquisition of Comic-Con’s motives seems fair, as the first sold out event occurred in 2008 when the cast of the box-office phenomenon Twilight was in attendance. Each year since, the event has sold out, with panels including casts from popular shows like Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and How I Met Your Mother. as well as a handful of up-and-coming movies like the anticipated Spiderman 2 (understandable).

Some are bothered by the hopelessly crowded event, claiming that Comic-Con has lost sight of its true theme and the purpose for which it was established over 40 years ago. Brian Lowry of Variety wrote a reminiscent article of his early memories of Comic-Con stating that, ”Back then Comic-Con was truly about comicbooks and the only stars one was likely to see there were the artists and writers who created them.

Others welcome the expansion, looking at it as a celebration of pop culture as a whole. The diversity of the group is as expansive as the event itself and that is quite enjoyable for some. Zachary Levi, co-founder of The Nerd Machine went so far as to state that he believes that the convention is no longer Comic-Con, but “entertainment-con.”

It’s all no wonder either, the city of San Diego makes a pretty penny from the event. According to a recent study released by the San Diego Convention Center Corp., between the years of 2013 and 2015 (when the Comic-Con International contract to keep the convention in San Diego expires), Comic-Con is expected to have an economic impact of $488.4 million with direct spending totaling about $203.4 million.

Love it or hate it, it’s clear that the new concept of Comic-Con is here to stay. The movie and entertainment industry have found a clear benefit in the convention’s appeal and will undoubtedly continue this trend; the economic value of the convention, too, is well-known and appreciated. While we may have to make room for the cool kids once again, we will also continue to celebrate the true geekdom behind Comic-Con’s inception.

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